Emilie Doppelganger was conceived in 2010 as a life-size replica of myself as an art museum security guard. Concocting a doll of myself as both autonomous object and poignant, fraught mirror, and titling the first project "Emilie Doppelganger: the Life of a Working Stiff", I sought to engage her in many of the typical situations and events, both real and imaginary, of my everyday life, as Nick Rowan photographed us. 

All of these photographs were taken between the
years 2003 and 2005. They are all C-prints.

These photos are composed of negative or digital
files that have been Photoshopped together
to create a panoramic image.

These are stills taken from a series of videos I made
featuring myself as Emiliebunny. This project is an extension The Bunny Project . All the videos can be viewed on Youtube under "Links"